Super Mario Odyssey Update

maxresdefault (8)
I now have all of the Power Moons in Super Mario Odyssey! It took a lot of doing getting to all of those Moons. I wish the game gave you a reward for doing so, but I suppose the satisfaction will have to be enough!


2 thoughts on “Super Mario Odyssey Update

  1. Nice! I just got into it after feeling pretty meh about the game. Must be the holiday season making me less cranky, haha. I just finished the Snow Kingdom so getting there! I wanted all the Power Moons but I think I’ll be happy with just beating it now. Backlog problems… sigh.

    • I can definitely sympathize with that. I rarely do anything post game myself for the same reason. This one was a bit of an exception because it’s a tradition for me to always 100% the 3D Mario games. Glad you’re enjoying the game a little more though, this time of year does bring out the best in us! I feel like it’s all one big Christmas celebration from here til Jan 2nd. Then it’s back to life

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