Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Stats and Records

Stats Time!

32 Gold Medals
3 Silver Medals
Olympic Medals 11 Gold 2 Silver 3 Null
Dream Medals 6 Gold 1 Silver 4 Null
Emblems 16/80
Music Collection Complete
Square Decals Complete
Banner Decals 52 to go
Paint Sheets 24 to go
Boutique: Everything left

Sport Records

Dream Alpine 2m 13s
Dream Ski Jumping 560 pts
Dream Snowboard Cross 2m 5s
Dream Short Track 2m 7s
Dream Figure Skating 379.2 pts
Alpine Skiing Downhill 1m 37s
Alpine Skiing Giant Slalom 57s
Ski Jumping Individual Large Hill 245.1 pts
Moguls 23.10 pts
Ski Cross 1m 1s
Halfpipe 35.120 pts
Snowboard Cross 59s
Speed Skating 32s
Short Track 1m 36s
Figure Skating 96.500 pts
Skeleton 1m 11s


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