Dynasty Warriors 4 Stats and Records

Stats time!

Play Time 2h 32m

Stage Stats

Stage 1

KO’s 67
Clear Time 5m 58s
Points 3522

Stage 2

KO’s 83
Clear Time 13m 50s
Points 4364

Stage 3

KO’s 196
Clear Time 27m 45s
Points 1722

Stage 4

KO’s 111
Clear Time 14m 22s
Points 3581

Stage 5

KO’s 101
Clear Time 7m 57s
Points 3451

Stage 6

KO’s 66
Clear Time 8m 18s
Points 3571

Stage 7

KO’s 106
Clear Time 14m 11s
Points 3246

Stage 8

KO’s 11
Clear Time 6m 14s
Points 2400

Stage 8B

KO’s 496
Clear Time 54m 16s
Points 6270

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