Pokemon Go Update

I’ve finally made it over to Level 41! It’s definitely been quite the journey at Level 40. It could be a while before I hit 50, but one step at a time and this is definitely a great milestone! Time to start focusing on XP more again like the ole days.

2 thoughts on “Pokemon Go Update

  1. I know it took a long period of time for you to go from level 40 to 41, as was the case for the rest of us. That being said, going from 41 to 42 was a relative cinch! As you correctly indicated, it will be a long haul to get to level 50 – I am stoked for the challenge.

    • Definitely, 50 is going to be the real challenge here for sure. Looking forward to continuing to go up though and it’s nice to finally have a reason to start storing up EXP again

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