Falstaff vs Othello

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for a battle of retro characters. Falstaff may not be known as a great fighter, but he has a lot of wit and knows how to make a sharp comeback. That being said, Othello has had many adaptions and some of them made him into a pretty good fighter. I don’t think Falstaff would last very long in the ring against this fellow. A few good punches would take the jolly soul down a few pegs. Othello wins.


Tybalt vs Othello

Suggested by iKnowledge Tybalt is a skilled swordsman as well as a gunslinger. While he may not be as physically powerful as Othello, these weapons will give him a nice edge in combat. I don’t really think Othello will be able to keep up wit this guy for very long. He’ll get hit by the sword if he gets close or shot by the gun if he stays from afar. It’s a lose-lose situation in this case and Tybalt is simply a lot more formidable than you’d think upon first glance. Tybalt wins.