Guyver vs R2D2


Suggested by Anonymous R2D2 is a pretty handy robot. He’s always around for whenever Luke needs him and the guy has spunk. Still, a whole mountain of spunk won’t be able to keep up with Guyver’s speed. R2D2 is really more of a reconnaissance drone and isn’t built for combat. Once the fight breaks out that will be it for this drone. I’m afraid that this fan favorite character will need some kind of big power up to keep up with Guyver. Guyver wins.

Psyduck vs R2D2

Psyduck is a pretty powerful water pokemon who always knows the score. R2D2 may have been a pretty advanced robot for his time, but he definitely couldn’t take on a magical creature like Psyduck. Psyduck has a lot of water attacks at his disposal and his speed is a lot greater than R2D2’s. Psyduck wins.

Mecha Godzilla vs R2D2

Mecha Godzilla is a pretty big monster with power that would make many tremble at the mere thought of him! R2D2 is a good robot, but in the end he lacked the firepower or speed to take down Mecha Godzilla. Mecha Godzilla can beam spam while shooting all kinda of armaments. Mecha Godzilla wins.