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Leela (UESC) vs Skynet

It’s a battle of wits in this round as two A.Is take each other on. Leela (UESC) was able to crash the tech of several planets while Skynet was content to humiliate and exterminate the humans. Skynet seems to be better at predicting human actions and taking over Earth’s weapons was pretty impressive. It would be difficult for either one of these fighters to take over the other one, but I would say that Skynet has better offensive capabilities, which should grant her/him/it the win. Skynet wins.

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Skynet vs Hal 9000

Hal 9000 is back, but he’s still outmatched. He may have been pretty hi tech in his world, but Skynet is a lot more sophisticated. I don’t think that many could defeat Skynet in a fair fight and he/she/it can assume several faces in its tv screen. This one is known as the scariest and Skynet has a better mastery over tech than Hal. Skynet wins.

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Cortana vs Skynet

Skynet is a pretty smart program that succeeded in defeating the human race. She/It is not an opponent to be underestimated. However, Cortana has been known to easily hack and bypass various programs. Cortana continues to grow stronger as she becomes rampant and can control suits of highly advanced armor. I don’t think that Skynet can win this round. Cortana wins.