What is the average score I give in my reviews?

I recently decided to finally make categories for how many stars I give my movies so I can take a better look at the scores. I already did this for TV Shows and Games so it just made sense to do it for movies as well. Eventually I’ll do it for comics and manga. Maybe books, but I don’t review many of those so there may not be a point yet. I always feel like the scores have had their meanings changed a bit over the years as a 5/10 shouldn’t mean that something is bad. A 5/10 just means that it’s middle of the road. It’s okay and not bad by definition. Here’s how I consider the scores,

0- This is a terrible product. Absolutely horrendous with no redeeming factors. To get this score you had to do something truly distasteful.
1- Pretty horrible film. It may have had some entertaining moments to keep it from being a 0 or perhaps it just didn’t do anything over the top. Most slasher films are here for the excessive violence.
2- Pretty bad film. It may not be so bad that you want to turn the TV off, but it really messed up in every area.
3- Bad film. There was no heart to this film. It was really boring or had a terrible ending that blew the brakes off, but still isn’t as broken as a lower score.
4- Tragic film. It was fairly reasonable, but made enough mistakes where I could not recommend it anymore. It needed a little something to get over the edge.
5-Middle of the pack. The positives and negatives cancel each other out here. For every good scene there was a bad one and the film just never turned the next corner.
6- Good film. This is a movie that was pretty fun, but either made a little mistake that kept it from being pretty good or it dragged on a bit. Still worth a watch and one I would recommend.
7- Pretty Good film. By default this is the score you start out at. As the film goes on it moves up and down based on the scenes and every area of the movie. If you do nothing wrong then you stay at a 7.
8- Great film. This is a movie that was a blast. It has great action scenes, a solid plot, and didn’t really make mistakes. It is a true success.
9- Elite film. This is something that wasn’t simply great, but truly groundbreaking. It’s a movie I could re-watch almost immediately and it will still have a great effect on me. These films were basically perfect.
10- G.O.A.T. film. This is the greatest of all time. As a result only one film can have a 10 star rating for me. If it gets surpassed then it drops to a 9.

I used film analogies for the scores, but that’s the general concept for all of my categories. Without further adieu lets take a look at my scores for the next few categories. The graphs are pretty self explanatory.

Total Live Action Movie reviews: 720

10 Star Movies 1
9 Star Movies 7
8 Star Movies 38
7 Star Movies 137
6 Star Movies 109
5 Star Movies 73
4 Star Movies 79
3 Star Movies 95
2 Star Movies 68
1 Star Movies 68
0 Star Movies 45

Total Games 913

10 Star Games 1
2 Star Games 5
3 Star Games 8
4 Star Games 31
5 Star Games 67
6 Star Games 177
7 Star Games 371
8 Star Games 204
9 Star Games 49

Total TV Show Reviews 117

10 Star TV Shows 1
9 Star TV Shows 16
8 Star TV Shows 28
7 Star TV Shows 37
6 Star TV Shows 10
5 Star TV Shows 9
4 Star TV Shows 6
3 Star TV Shows 6
1 Star TV Shows 2
0 Star TV Shows 2

Live Action Films 39% positive 49% negative.
Video Games: 88% positive 4% negative
TV Shows: 78% positive 12% negative

Pretty interesting stuff I’d say. The most common score for each medium is a 7/10 and if you go back to my rubrik it makes sense as well. If you make no mistakes then that is your destination. Video Games are the most positive which makes sense. I think it’s the easiest medium to do well in and it has always been my favorite hobby. Typically I enjoy all of the games I play. TV Shows are next and most of the ones I watch do tend to be pretty fun. I think the longer nature of the format also helps since the characters get to grow on you. Then you’ve got films which have the most stinkers. That one makes sense as well since it’s the most all encompassing. For games and shows I have a more focused selection of the ones I try out while for films I’ve seen ones from every genre. Still, we’ll see if it eventually gets closer to a 50/50 split.

I’ll probably do another one of these in a year or so once I’ve added scores to the other categories. Plus by then the numbers should have changed a bit as well.