Artemis Entreri vs Zasalamel

Suggested by iKnowledge Artemis is a capable fighter with a lot of decent equipment at his beck and call but this will not be enough for him to take Zasalamel down for the count. Zasalamel’s blading skills are superior and his scythe has a long range to it. You don’t even need to worry about his portal skills. Close combat will be enough for him to confirm the victory. At that point it will be all over for Artemis and his skills. Zasalamel wins.

Zasalamel vs Zaraki

Suggested by iKnowledge Zasalamel is a strong fighter who is good with a blade and as a tough time dying. Trying to bump him off is nearly impossible for most but I believe Zaraki can pull it off. Zaraki’s swordplay is exceptional and he has some of the most savage combos out there. He would not give Zasalamel a chance to regroup or catch a breath with the relentless attacks that will keep churning out. Ultimately Zasalamel will be down for the count with no way to counter. Zaraki wins.