Pokemon Go Update

It took about 7-8 months but I have now made it to Level 49! That means just one more level up and I will have made it all the way. It’s kind of emotional to think about but I can nearly say that I have completed the game. Not that it ends there or anything but I’ll definitely take a long break from the mass evolution runs for a while until they announce more levels. This has definitely been an app game that has withstood the test of time.


10 thoughts on “Pokemon Go Update

  1. That’s awesome. I still play my Pokemon Go whenever I get the chance. I been grinding for candy. If you want, I can give you my friend code and we can be friends.

    • Thanks! It’s definitely rare to see too many people play it nowadays but that game never gets old. Sure, send it along and we can definitely connect there, will be fun to see how you’ve got your avatar set up

      • I feel guilty that I spend more time on this than playing the main games. Still, I like to catch and evolve my Pokemon. If you want, I can send you my code here and on Twitter just in case. I have some friend items to give too.
        ID: 6410 6526 7435

      • Awesome, I just sent the friend request along now. Yeah I’ve definitely played it more than any main game too at this point. This one’s just way too much fun to stop

      • Thank you! I just got your friend request and I added you. I gave you gifts to help you on your adventure. This game is still fun and I enjoy making my Pokemon strong. I open up the app everyday and even in my lunch breaks lol.

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