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Harvey Bullock vs Commissioner Gordon

Commissioner Gordon is definitely the most popular cop in the Batman multiverse, but Bullock has always had a fan following of his own. He was pretty likable in the Batman cartoon and he’s a pretty serious character in the comics. Gordon seems to be a better shot, but it would be a reasonably close fight as both of them can fight in hand to hand combat. Gordon is just the more experienced cop at this point. Commissioner Gordon wins.

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Commissioner Gordon vs Batman

Commissioner Gordon makes his blog debut! His skills are intense and not too be underestimated! Batman has his gadgets and super forms and easily wins this round, but Commissioner Gordon puts up one tough fight!

He’s taken many guys down in hand too hand combat! Not too shabby eh! Also Commissioner Gordon and Batman have been teaming up for ages. They know just what too do when they have too save the multiverse. Of course when these old pals fight we know who comes out on top. Batman wins.