Taek Jegal vs Gothmog

Gothmog is a powerful beast with abilities that far exceed those of ordinary mortals. A single punch would decimate many opponents but Taek Jegal isn’t one of those fighters. He would be able to easily counter any of Gothmog’s moves and then some. The reason for this is that Taek is a bit of a monster himself with his shark abilities. Gothmog just won’t be keeping up here. Taek Jegal wins.

Jarlaxle vs Gothmog

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for a double debut here. Jarlaxle is a skilled sword fighter who also has a lot of magic at his disposal. It’s a rather simple matter for him to take most opponents on in a 1 v 1 setting. That said, Gothmog isn’t just any old opponent. He has a considerable amount of power to the point where most Balrogs could not keep up with him in the slightest. His fire axe/sword would immediately cut through all of Jarlaxle’s defenses and clinch the win. Gothmog wins.