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Helena vs Hitomi

Hitomi and Helena are both very accomplished hand to hand fighters from Dead or Alive. Hitomi is physically much stronger than Helena, but is not quite as quick and athletic. As a Sheik main in Super Smash Bros, I can safely tell you that speed wins most fights. It would be a tough match, but I’d give Helena the edge in hand to hand combat so she will be able to use Hitomi’s strength against her. If only one of them had a projectile, it would be an insta win! Helena wins.

Battles, Helena Battles, Kaiba Battles

Kaiba vs Helena

Helena is a character who knows hand to hand combat. The thing is Kaiba also knows hand to hand, plus he can summon giant monsters. With all of these monsters he can’t lose. Now he’s nearing 20 whole wins. Kaiba wins.