Miles Matheson vs Laharl

Miles is a reasonably tough guy when he’s got his gun or sword on hand. He can hold his own and has quite a bit of combat experience. Neither one of those weapons will allow him to lay a hand on Laharl though. Laharl is a demon of pure power. Just by powering up and sending off a full powered energy blast he could likely decimate the planet. Is that really someone that you want to mess with? Miles should probably run as soon as the match begins but he can only delay the loss, not avoid it. Laharl wins.

Miles Matheson vs Sebastian Monroe

Suggested by Anonymous It’s time for an extremely close battle. Both of these characters are main characters from the show Revolution. Miles and Sebastian both have army experience under their belt and are expert hand to hand fighters. They’re proficient with swords and a gun as well and their fight was effectively a stalemate. They’ve each gotten the upper hand on each other in different fights though. So this could and has gone either way in the past but I would choose Miles to win more often than not. Sebastian is still battling his inner doubts and doesn’t have the same leadership experience that Miles has. Miles Matheson wins.