Laharl vs Bass

Bass has returned to prove who the real overlord of media is. Don’t get me wrong, Laharl is a pretty capable fighter in his own right. He’s certainly not the kind of guy to go down easy. That being said, he’s definitely out of his league in this round. Bass can reflect any energy blast Laharl tries to fire off and Laharl’s defense won’t be enough to block any of Bass’ attacks. Lets face it, the difference in firepower is absolutely crazy and that’s before Bass activates his hub style or beast out. Bass wins.

Miles Matheson vs Laharl

Miles is a reasonably tough guy when he’s got his gun or sword on hand. He can hold his own and has quite a bit of combat experience. Neither one of those weapons will allow him to lay a hand on Laharl though. Laharl is a demon of pure power. Just by powering up and sending off a full powered energy blast he could likely decimate the planet. Is that really someone that you want to mess with? Miles should probably run as soon as the match begins but he can only delay the loss, not avoid it. Laharl wins.

The Lone Ranger vs Laharl

This is a tribute to the Legend of the Lone Ranger. The Lone Ranger may be a pretty good shot and a decent hand to hand fighter but neither one of those skills will mean anything in combat against the Overlord! Laharl is completely out of the Lone Ranger’s league and that will become more and more apparent as the match goes on. There just isn’t anything that the Ranger can hope to accomplish against a demon like Laharl. Laharl wins.