The Lone Ranger vs Lagss

This is a tribute to the next classic Lone Ranger film. He had some confident moments in his alter ego but overall I had to question the Lone Ranger’s decision making a few times like when he sent his partner into enemy territory by himself and didn’t even check on him. You can only do that if your partner has overwhelming power like Lagss who was even able to take on Ultra Instinct Goku. The Lone Ranger isn’t going to be doing much in this battle. Lagss wins.

The Lone Ranger vs Laharl

This is a tribute to the Legend of the Lone Ranger. The Lone Ranger may be a pretty good shot and a decent hand to hand fighter but neither one of those skills will mean anything in combat against the Overlord! Laharl is completely out of the Lone Ranger’s league and that will become more and more apparent as the match goes on. There just isn’t anything that the Ranger can hope to accomplish against a demon like Laharl. Laharl wins.

The Lone Ranger vs Train

This is a tribute to The Lone Ranger! The Lone Ranger is basically a human that can’t really fight and he just doesn’t have enough skills to defeat Train. Train is an expert gunmen and his abilities are just a lot greater than one would suspect at first. The Lone Ranger won’t be able to stand up against such a fighter and will ultimately be defeated. Train wins.