Ulti vs Mint Aizawa

Mint has her magical arrows and some decent speed but it will be difficult for any of that to matter against Ulti. Ulti has taken much more powerful blows to the face without even wincing. A single headbutt should be enough to take Mint down for the count. Ulti’s speed is certainly great enough where she will be able to close the distance with ease and land attacks at will. Mint just isn’t ready for that kind of power yet. Ulti wins.

Luna (Sailor Moon) vs Mint Aizawa

Mint may not be the most powerful member of the Mew Mew gang but she has a good amount of speed. That’s more than what Luna has at the ready at least. Luna can try to use her human mode to make a quick getaway but that will only buy her a second of time. Ultimately she will still be pretty overwhelmed. There isn’t an avenue to victory here. Mint Aizawa wins.