Oga Kuwata vs Paul Atreides

Paul has returned but now he’s up against one of the more powerful fighters out there. Oga has quite a lot of skills at his disposal such as his sharp sword techniques. Paul’s voice likely wouldn’t be able to work on Oga given how much willpower the guy has. After that, Paul will be speed blitzed before he can really start to use any good counter attacks. Oga Kuwata wins.

John Gustafson Sr vs Paul Atreides

This is a tribute to Dune 2021. Paul looked really solid in this version. He was ready to fight at close range and can do well even without his barrier technology. Throw that in as well and Gustafson Sr has no real shot here. The guy is just too old and doesn’t have the stamina needed to take on a fighter like this. I’d give Paul the edge to win this in a rather quick battle. Paul Atreides wins.