Tarantulas vs Brood

Suggested by Sonic The Brood are very powerful when in a group but one on one I don’t see them doing a whole lot to Tarantulas. He’s got a ton of firepower on his side for one thing. Additionally, blasters are usually the optimal way to defeat creatures like the Brood. It won’t take long for his firepower to just completely wipe the Brood out. The Brood’s best bet is to try t o get him off balance with a quick tackle or something like that. It’s not likely to happen though. Tarantulas wins.

Tarantulas vs Zane

Zane has lots of dragons that can make mince meat out of Tarantulas. Tarantulas is a robot and can be melted with one well aimed fireblast. Tarantulas just can’t win this battle. Zane is too powerful and blows all of his opponents to dust. But that’s what they get for fighting Zane. Zane wins.