Shigeo Kageyama vs Tobio Kageyama

Shigeo Kageyama is considerably more powerful than Tobio as he has perfected his psychic abilities. Tobio has good volleyball skills and a mountain of determination but that’s just not going to be enough here. He’s still going to end up being absolutely dominated within the paint. He can throw as many volleyballs as he wants but they will not be able to get past Shigeo’s barriers. Shigeo Kageyama wins.

Tobio Kageyama vs Damian Desmond

Damian Desmond has some volleyball experience and knows how to make a save in a pinch. So this may not be a complete stomp but Tobio has the height advantage and years of experience. So whether they are playing a normal match or engaging in a brawl, Tobio’s got this in the bag. There’s no stopping him once he’s on a roll so this should be a very quick victory. Damian has no defensive answers here. Tobio Kageyama wins.