Ultra Magnus vs Death Tallica

Suggested by Sonic Ultra Magnus is a pretty powerful Autobot even if he is often overshadowed by Optimus Prime and all of the other top ranking fighters. The guy has guts and always gets up again. That being said, he isn’t quite ready to take on Death Tallica. Death Tallica’s array of laser blasts will deal a lot of damage and Magnus isn’t exactly known for his speed. He will be unable to dodge and will also have a very tough time trying to counter the attacks. When you put that into perspective things aren’t looking very good for him. Death Tallica wins.

Megatronus vs Ultra Magnus

maxresdefault (4)
Suggested by Sonic Megatronus is easily one of the strongest Transformers out there. The burst of speed that he showed in his debut already made him high tier and his raw power solidified this. Ultra Magnus is strong in his own right but the guy definitely is not on the same level. He never really got past being Prime’s shadow. Megatronus wins.