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Megatronus vs Bass


Megatronus is a pretty impressive Transformer. He does live up to the rep of being one of the strongest to exist. That being said, he is sorely outmatched against an opponent as deadly and invincible as Bass. Bass is simply too formidable and he has too many combat options. What do you do against an opponent who can absorb all projectiles and who also has limitless speed? The match effectively feels over at that point. Bass wins.

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Megatronus vs Ultra Magnus

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Suggested by Sonic Megatronus is easily one of the strongest Transformers out there. The burst of speed that he showed in his debut already made him high tier and his raw power solidified this. Ultra Magnus is strong in his own right but the guy definitely is not on the same level. He never really got past being Prime’s shadow. Megatronus wins.