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Aqua Maiden vs Amphibius

Suggested by Sonic The Aqua Maiden is a fairly talented duelist. She is typically seen as a normal card, but got her own identity in Yugioh GX. Then in one of the video games she actually aquired a bunch of cards. Both of these fighters are water themed, but Amphibius is on his own while the Maiden has a bunch of monsters and spells at her disposal. This will really allow her to take the edge in this fight because you can’t hope to easily overpower an army like that. It’ll be too much for this guy. Aqua Maiden wins.

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Amphibius vs Airi

Amphibius has some mild superhuman strength and he’s pretty quick, but it won’t be enough to stop Airi. She’s pretty lethal with her sickle weapon and she has regenerative abilities. Amphibius probably won’t be able to keep up with her speed and he takes a loss in this round. It’s been a while since he last fought, but I guess things haven’t improved for him. Airi wins.