Blog Announcement: High Aboves Rule is no longer in effect

There was a long standing rule that the 9 fighters selected as High Aboves were immune from defeat on the blog. That rule has been here since the inception of the blog back in 2010. Well, this rule has now been terminated effective 8/7/2020. All matches for these fighters have been reviewed for 8/9 of them. The 9th will be concluded today. This means that now all blog fighters fight on an equal playing field and there have been a lot of changes. The next installment of Records is sure to look quite different.

In total between the 9 high aboves there were 45 overturned battles and one new one. (Kaiba vs Jaden was previously nulled)

In order they were

Bass 0
Kaiba 1
Jaden 1
Vegeta 2
Bly 4
Sasuke 4
Grimmjow 4
Train 13
Ryoma 16