Gauche vs Temujin

Suggested by Sonic Gauche is a pretty versatile fighter. Using his mirrors he can appear in many places at once and out speed just about anyone. Temujin’s thunder abilities are impressive but he will have a very hard time trying to land a hit on Gauche. Additionally, Temujin hasn’t had a chance to hone his abilities after the movie while Gauche continues to get stronger and stronger with each arc. I would say that the gap here is already pretty large and it could go larger still. Gauche wins.

Gauche vs Asta

Gauche may have some pretty solid mirror magic at his disposal, but it won’t be enough to do any real damage to Asta. Asta’s too fast and his sword completely negates magic so that puts Gauche at a huge disadvantage from the start. He’s just out of luck here. Asta also has his demon mode which he could use if necessary, but I don’t think it’ll come to that. Gauche will go down before Asta’s superior power. Asta wins.