Jon Talbain vs Yuta Okkotsu

Yuta is a powerful fighter and it’s safe to say that he’s completely out of Jon’s league here. Nothing against Jon but he doesn’t have the speed to dodge Yuta’s attacks or enough durability to endure them for very long. Yuta’s a seasoned warrior and he will eventually get a good shot in. With his offensive might, one good shot will pave the way to victory. Yuta Okkotsu wins.

Lars Alexandersson vs Jon Talbain

Suggested by iKnowledge Lars and Jon both have quite a bit of super strength at their disposal and have good hand to hand techniques. Lars has his electricity at the ready but I would lean towards Jon winning due to his superior ki abilities. He can wrap himself in energy as he uses a super speed tackle and can also fire off massive energy blasts. When you put those abilities together, it really puts Lars in a bad spot here. It’s hard to see him being able to fend off Jon’s attacks for very long and since they are both familiar with the martial arts, Lars can’t get the edge there. Jon Talbain wins.