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Serra vs Madam Mim

Suggested by iKnowledge Madam Mim has some magic up her sleeve but as you can tell from the picture, she is quite old. Serra is a skilled fighter who can fire shockwaves and even heal herself. She would easily be able to defeat Madam Mim in both close and long range combat. This fight will be over very quickly and is a nice start for Serra. Mim is going to need a power up if she wants to compete with the younger fighters. Serra wins.

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Wyatt Halliwell vs Madam Mim

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s a battle of magic based fighters in this round. Madam Mim may be able to turn into a dragon and is no slouch when it comes to spellcasting, but I don’t think she’ll really be able to do much against Wyatt. Wyatt has pyrokinesis and that’s just for starters. He’s a far more advanced magician than Mim so he will easily be landing the first blow. Madam has no good counters to his attacks so I’m afraid that she is sunk. Wyatt Halliwell wins.