Wyatt Halliwell vs Krookodile

It’s time for Krookodile to remind the world why he is a pretty strong fighter. Wyatt has a lot of special abilities so he’s no pushover. He can cause objects to explode and has a reasonable amount of psychic abilities. They aren’t fully developed though which will make it hard to find an opening against Krookodile. Krook has the massive edge in speed and his attack power will break through Wyatt’s defenses. It’s only a matter of time from there. Krookodile wins.

Wyatt Halliwell vs Kirito

Wyatt Halliwell is a decent magician whose spells can cause the average mortal to take a step back. The problem is that his offensive capabilities aren’t very well developed yet and he hasn’t dealt with any opponent who had superhuman speed. Kirito could just run up and deliver a powerful slash to him. That would instantly be Game Over. Wyatt had a good run, but the loss was inevitable. Kirito wins.

Wyatt Halliwell vs Madam Mim

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s a battle of magic based fighters in this round. Madam Mim may be able to turn into a dragon and is no slouch when it comes to spellcasting, but I don’t think she’ll really be able to do much against Wyatt. Wyatt has pyrokinesis and that’s just for starters. He’s a far more advanced magician than Mim so he will easily be landing the first blow. Madam has no good counters to his attacks so I’m afraid that she is sunk. Wyatt Halliwell wins.