Krookodile vs Lucina

Krookodile is back, but he’ll need more than a little speed and strength to defeat Lucina. Lucina can keep up with him and even though Krookodile may have the ever so slight speed advantage it won’t be enough to overcome Lucina. Lucina’s power is just on a different level. A few good hits will take Krookodile out of the fight and since their speed is similar he will have a hard time dodging her attacks while she can easily parry his counters. Lucina wins.

Krookodile vs Great Reaper

It’s time for a battle of long range fighters. Well, both fighters can engage in close quarters combat of course, but I think their best moves are long range. In the Great Reaper’s case, his eye blasts are something you’ll want to watch out for. He can fire them off very suddenly and they deal massive damage. Still, the Reaper is incredibly slow and that will be his downfall. It will be very hard to hit the Krookodile during the match and the gator’s attacks will add up until victory is assured. Krookodile wins.

Krookodile vs Buggy The Clown

Buggy The Clown is pretty interesting as he’s been around for a very long time in One Piece but never really got to be a threat. Honestly, he’s just become more and more cemented in his role as a comic relief character since his debut. His ability to split himself up is reasonable and he can fight, but that’s about it. Krookodile has the considerable edge in both speed and power. He won’t be losing to Buggy. The Clown will barely be able to keep up right from the start. Krookodile wins.

Wyatt Halliwell vs Krookodile

It’s time for Krookodile to remind the world why he is a pretty strong fighter. Wyatt has a lot of special abilities so he’s no pushover. He can cause objects to explode and has a reasonable amount of psychic abilities. They aren’t fully developed though which will make it hard to find an opening against Krookodile. Krook has the massive edge in speed and his attack power will break through Wyatt’s defenses. It’s only a matter of time from there. Krookodile wins.

Krookodile vs Kingfin

Krookodile is back and this time he’s up against the legendary Kingfin! Kingfin is big and deadly, but can he take the win in this round? I don’t think so! Krookodile is pretty strong as well and he’s got a large variety of attacks to fall back on in case things get dicey! Krookodile wins.

Krookodile vs Ash

Krookodile always tries to look cool, but in the end he was never as cool as Ash. Ash has fought with the best of them and managed to show the world his awesome power. He’s gotten many wins lately and I doubt it’s gonna stop now! Krookodile loses his debut match, but he tried. Ash wins.