Kale vs Ribrianne

Suggested by Random Kale defeats Ribrianne in much the same way that Caulifla did. She also has Super Saiyan abilities and a very high power level at her disposal. Ribrianne has her own Super form as well but while it’s raw power is impressive, it’s a form that isn’t particularly focused on speed. That difference will only get more drastic as the fight wears on and Ribrianne’s stamina will reach its limit. If only she had one more transformation hidden away. Kale wins.

Ribrianne vs Caulifla

Suggested by Random Ribrianne was a surprisingly strong fighter who just kept on appearing over and over again. You just couldn’t keep her down and a part of me definitely has to admire those skills. At the same time, Caulifla is undoubtedly still the strongest fighter. Her aptitude for combat is better and being a Saiyan she has a far higher skill ceiling as well. While she can’t afford to hold back all that much in this fight, it is still a pretty clear match. The victor was never in doubt. Caulifla wins.