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Roy Miller vs Ironwood

Roy Miller has returned, but he won’t be able to stop Ironwood. Ironwood has been taking down all kinds of opponents over the years ranging from monsters to tricky I.T. personnel. Roy’s gun will give him a chance here, but Ironwood’s aura and his gun will help him block the blasts while countering with his own. Ironwood’s speed also defies what you would expect from a mere human and so Roy is effectively dealing with a super soldier. That doesn’t bode well for him. Ironwood wins.

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Roy Miller vs Bama McCall

This is a tribute to Knight and Day. Roy Miller is an exceptional agent who is skilled with a gun as well as in close quarters combat. He would be able to easily outmaneuver Bama in any kind of confrontation. Bama won’t even be able to execute a sneak attack since Roy is known for always being one step ahead of his opponent. I can’t envision a scenario where Roy loses. Roy Miller wins.