Spark Mandrill vs Lt. Surge

Suggested by Anonymous Spark Mandrill has a good amount of physical power at his disposal and is one of the more well known Megaman X villains. The guy’s basically been around since forever. One on one he could probably give any of Surge’s Pokemon a pretty good fight. That being said, this is definitely not a 1 on 1 fight. Surge is bringing in all of his fighters and won’t be holding anything back. He’s kept quite the collection over the years so this will be easy for him. Lt. Surge wins.

Spark Mandrill vs Megaman X

Spark Mandrill may be strong, but he was never the quickest fighter in the pack. Megaman X could run circles around him and just keep firing energy blasts until Spark Mandrill went down for the count. Spark Mandrill can throw a decent punch, but that’s nothing against Megaman X’s incredible lasers! Megaman X wins.