Starlia Leese vs Ulquiorra

Starlia Leese is a very powerful fighter who really got quite the reputation for herself after defending the kingdom for so long. Her automatic attacks would be a lot of trouble for most fighters but it’s nothing that Ulquiorra can’t handle. His speed will be enough to dodge her attacks long enough for him to land the winning counter blow. Ulquiorra wins.

Starlia Leese vs Cait Sith

Starlia Leese is a great fighter who can really use her silver bolts in a variety of ways. Defense, Attack, you name it and she’s got it. Cait Sith has his suit and a good amount of ability of his own but he wouldn’t be able to stop her wide range of attacks. She can effectively spam with a ton of different energy bolts all at once. Cait’s defenses would not hold up past the first few strikes if that many. Starlia Leese wins.