Tahnok Kal vs Mata Nui

Suggested by Sonic Tahnok Kal is an experienced user of electricity. He can really produce some shocking developments in a fight. That being said, it won’t be enough to stop Mata Nui. Mata Nui is fairly old and has seen more than his share of fights over the years. While his giant form may not be quick enough to win this fight, he possesses considerable powers in his scaled down form. He can fly and has multiple elements at his disposal. The difference in raw power is considerable. Mata Nui wins.

Tahnok-Kal vs Pohatu

Tahnok-Kal is pretty skilled and his thunder abilities may prove to be useful…just not in this fight. I think that they could still damage Pohatu and possibly overwhelm his normal form, but we can’t forget about fusion. Also, Pohatu is still a fighter in his normal mode and wouldn’t go down without a fight. Tahnok-Kal’s weakness is that he’s essentially a one trick robot and doesn’t have many backup options. Pohatu wins.

Tahnok Kal vs Vezok

Tahnok Kal may have won his last battle, but now he is here for a loss. Vezok has the ability to copy the powers of his opponents and he can fire some pretty powerful impacts from his eyes. (Just think of Goku’s impact vision from the Freeze Saga and you’ll have a mental picture of this guy’s abilities) Tahnok Kal can use his thunder abilities, but Vezok is durable enough to withstand such an attack. He has his harpoons and enough attack power to take Tahnok Kal down for the count. Vezok wins.

Tahnok Kal vs Gahlok Kal

Fire vs Water eh? Well, we know that Fire attacks tend to be much greater than Water attacks. Still, Tahnok Kal is actually an Electric fighter while Galok Kal uses Magnetism. This makes things a little more interesting doesn’t it? Since Thunder abilities tend to help Magnetism, won’t Gahlok Kal have the edge? Well, Tahnok Kal is more of an offensive fighter and his attacks would quickly overwhelm Gahlok Kal’s defense. No defense can hold out forever against a strong offensive maneuver. Tahnok Kal wins.