Ahsoka Tano vs An’ya Kuro

Suggested by iKnowledge Ahsoka returns but this next opponent won’t be much easier. An’ya can teleport, move through walls, and has exceptional healing abilities. The main advantage Ahsoka has is that we never really get to see An’ya in her prime all that much. It’s said that she would have been considerably stronger at that time which would be tough to contend with. As an old lady she was able to even get the better of Darth Vader in combat, something Ahsoka would likely not be able to do. Still, Ahsoka has greater speed and her experience would be close to Kuro’s. This would be a hard fought battle but Ahsoka has shown far more impressive feats in her day which would give her the edge here. Ahsoka Tano wis.

Ahsoka Tano vs Darth Krayt

Suggested by iKnowledge Ahsoka is definitely a very well known character and she developed into one of the stronger Star Wars fighters. Her dual blade style was hard to deal with. Additionally her Force powers are at a high level. Krayt has both of those abilities as well though and is not only a capable fighter but a very powerful one. He would be too much for Ahsoka to deal with. Both of them use similar styles of combat but what this really comes down to is the fact that Krayt is simply more powerful. He has mastered both the light and dark sides of the Force which is pretty insane in itself. Darth Krayt wins.