Hound Dog vs Charlie Nash

Suggested by Sonic Hound Dog appears to have some decent strength and speed but he hasn’t really had to use them in the field much as of yet. Meanwhile Charlie Nash is a veteran in battle who has developed a lot of useful attacks like his arm blades. He’s got some good strength due to his mechanical parts as well and is a master fighter. I don’t see Hound Dog being able to keep up with him for very long. Charlie is just too intimidating in close quarters combat. Charlie Nash wins.

Charlie Nash vs Tengai

Suggested by Sonic Tengai is able to generate pretty powerful barriers. With those in place most fighters wouldn’t be able to cut through them for a while. Tengai’s main weakness is that he can’t really fight beyond that. He really needs to have an ally around to punch their way to victory. So Tengai can delay the match for a little while but Charlie will be able to break through eventually due to his cybernetic enhancements. Once those are in play that’ll be game over for Tengai. Charlie’s teleportation will also come in handy here to keep the guy off balance. Charlie Nash wins.

Charlie Nash vs Rose Wilson

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for a battle of hand to hand fighters. Charlie has his Sonic Boom techniques which are always handy and in general his attacks really pack a punch. On the other hand, Rose’s agility and expertise with a blast will be Charlie’s undoing. She will be able to block his attacks and get in close enough to score the win. While they both possess stats greater than the average fighter’s, Rose appears to be superior in most areas. The only area where Charlie has the advantage is in long range combat and I don’t think it’ll be enough. Rose Wilson wins.