Fuuko vs Noelle

Fuuko has her unluck powers and also a pretty good degree of mastery in hand to hand combat but that’s not going to be enough to take down Noelle. To beat this sorceress you need much more than that. You need an array of offensive spells as well and so Fuuko has no way to hit a long range specialist like Noelle. If you can’t hit your opponent then it’s all over. Noelle wins.

Harry Callahan vs Fuuko

Harry Callahan may be a tough customer but he hasn’t been through quite as much as Fuuko. She really survived for many years on her own and was able to gain great strength. Harry would not be able to tag her even with his gun at this point and she definitely has the edge in overall fighting ability. Harry just wouldn’t have many options to use against her at this point and couldn’t survive a single hit. Fuuko wins.

Fuuko vs Sky Captain

The Sky Captain may have just finished having a really good win earlier but he won’t be a match for Fuuko here. Fuuko not only has her unluck abilities but she is also a very talented fighter and has incredible strength. She can beat Sky Captain in a straight up martial arts fight right now and he would not be able to keep up with her. I also don’t see his guns scaring her since she can move so quickly. Fuuko wins.