Julian Chase vs Noelle

Julian has a cool robot and is used to fighting at high speeds so that will at least give him a chance here. Still, it won’t be much of one because Noelle still has the massive advantage here. Her Valkyrie armor enables her to fight at an even higher speed while giving her a lot of evasive options. Julian won’t be able to land any hits here and I have my doubts on if his armor could survive a Sea Dragon’s Roar. Most likely that hit will knock him out of the fight and his robot would be torn to shreds. Noelle wins.

Julian Chase vs Thane

Julian is a commander from Gen Lock who has the ability to mind meld with a robot and fight that way. As a result he is a pretty tough fighter and that puts him above Thane. Otherwise the two would probably be a pretty even match in terms of hand to hand combat. Thane has his energy blasters, but I don’t think that can even hope to counter a giant mech. Ultimately this is Julian’s match to lose and I don’t think he will crumble under the pressure. Julian Chase wins.