Lei Fang vs Lady Shiva

Suggested by iKnowledge Lei Fang and Lady Shiva are both very accomplished hand to hand fighters. While Lei Fang was not initially one of the more experienced battlers out there she has continued to grow stronger and stronger throughout the DOA series. In a few games perhaps she really will be able to win this one. Still, at the moment Lady Shiva is clearly superior in her fundamentals and also has the advantage of experience. Lei Fang doesn’t really have a path to victory here. Lady Shiva wins.

Lei Fang vs Lyla

Lei Fang is a pretty good hand to hand fighter and it’s safe to say that her skills are better than Lyla’s in this field. That being said, Lyla has an energy gun and she’s a very quick individual as well. You typically don’t bring a gun to a fist fight because the fight would be too easy. That old rule still applies to this match. Lyla wins.