Lucius Malfoy vs Lucina

Lucina is one of those characters that I knew nothin
Lucius Malfoy is back for another round, but this time he is fighting an opponent whose speed is quite impressive. He won’t be able to land any of his spells against her and no magic barrier will protect Lucius from Lucina’s punishing attacks. She can lay waste to whole armies and her blade is one of the best we’ve ever seen. Lucius will be taken down in the blink of an eye. Lucina wins.

William Tavington vs Lucius Malfoy

Suggested by JHG195 William has a gun and certainly does a good job of gunning down anyone who stands in his way. The thing is that bullets won’t work too well against Lucius as his magic spells will always be one step ahead of such a weapon. William has no form of defense against magic either so he will simply have to accept his fate. It’s almost tragic, but he just doesn’t stand a chance here. Lucius Malfoy wins.