Shigeo Kageyama vs Reigen

Reigen is a very likable guy but his charm makes up 90% of his character. In terms of an actual fight he really wouldn’t last more than a few seconds against Shigeo. The difference in their abilities is astronomical. Shigeo could level the entire town in the time it would take for Reigen to throw a punch. There just aren’t any viable outcomes where Reigen pulls off the upset. Shigeo Kageyama wins.

Reigen vs Chucky

This is a tribute to Child’s Play 2. Chucky is a tough guy of course but now he’s 0 for 2 against this kid. He talks a good game but that isn’t enough to win a fight. That’s why he won’t be doing a whole lot against Reigen. Reigen’s “spirit” punch should be able to take him down for the count. He may not be the toughest guy out there but he’s tough enough to win. Reigen wins.