Samurai Jack vs Urbosa

Suggested by iKnowledge Samurai Jack is a talented swordfighter who has incredible durability and speed. While he lacks Urbosa’s pure strength, his path to victory would be with quick strikes. Ultimately I would still give Urbosa the edge though. It’ll be difficult for Jack to block her strikes while also working to dodge the lightning bolts. Ultimately this combination will just be too much for him and Jack will go down. Urbosa wins.

Samurai Jack vs Naruto

Samurai Jack has taken on many machines in the past, but he’s never fought a powerful ninja like Naruto before. Naruto doesn’t need to face Samurai Jack directly, as he can just blow up the country that Samurai Jack is in. Naruto can use his speed to evade Samurai Jack’s attacks and launch his counters with ease. Samurai Jack just won’t be able to stop Naruto. Naruto wins.