Silver Dragon Adelaide vs Magoroku Shido

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Suggested by Sonic Silver Dragon Adelaide is back, but he is up against Shido now. Shido has actually been doing pretty well for himself thus far. He continues bulking up his wins with this round as Adelaide cannot stop him. For one thing, Shido has his own Adelaide along with a flurry of other monsters. Shido has an infamously large amount of monsters since he is always switching decks and his army cannot be stopped. Shido wins.


Silver Dragon Adelaide vs Genma

Suggested by Sonic Silver Dragon Adelaide has a pretty cool design and isn’t afraid to get up close and personal. That being said, I don’t think he will be able to handle Genma. Genma has his iconic Duel Sieger which is a monster so large and vicious that it can go toe to toe against just about any monster in the game. Genma has other monsters as well which will help him press his advantage. As strong as Adelaide is, he can’t hope to stop an army of monsters. He is simply outmatched by their combined efforts. Genma wins.