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Zanya Kisaragi vs Magoroku Shido

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Suggested by Sonic Zanya Kisaragi is a fairly skilled Buddyfighter who even has his own Omni Lord. The collections of spells and monsters that he has is formidable, but I don’t think it will be enough to match Shido. Shido has many monsters of his own thanks to the fact that he fought in many duels during season 2 and kept switching up his deck. The fodder don’t amount to a whole lot, but he got quite a few size 3 monsters which would be enough to overwhelm Zanya’s Omni Lord and secure the victory. It’s not an easy win, but one that I think Shido should have rather handily. Magoroku Shido wins.

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Jackknife Dragon vs Magoroku Shido

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Suggested by Sonic Jackknife Dragon is a very strong fighter. He has obtained several super forms over the years including giant energy cannons and a thunder mode. He has a lot of versatile attacks at his disposal so he can use run and gun tactics or keep things up close and personal. Despite this, Shido wins here due to the sheer number of monsters at his disposal. Even if we only count Size 3 monsters as being strong enough to impact the fight, Shido has quite a few of them. Jackkinife won’t be able to break through that gauntlet of fighters. Magoroku Shido wins.

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Death Ruler: Curse vs Magoroku Shido

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Suggested by Sonic The Death Ruler is nothing to sneeze at. He has a pretty cool design and you gotta admire the fact that he just looks very imposing in general. That being said, I don’t think he will be able to defeat Shido since Shido has a copy of the card in his deck. Curse would essentially have to fight himself and then take on an army of other monsters. That’s simply too much to ask for from any fighter. It’s the perfect way to stop any opponent, just have an equal copy of them along with something else and you’ll have the edge. Magoroku Shido wins.

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Rouga Aragami vs Magoroku Shido

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Suggested by Sonic Rouga used to be one of the big characters to watch out for in Buddyfight, but it’s been a long while since he really got to do anything. He’s still a strong fighter to be sure, but the gap is closing between him and the others since he hasn’t gotten any new cards in a while. Fortunately for him, he’s still got enough to take down Shido. Shido has a ton of monsters, but none of them are quite a match for Rouga’s Omni Lord and Rouga’s naturally a stronger fighter than Shido as well so he’ll contribute more in this battle of armies. Rouga Aragami wins.

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Death Ruler Gallows vs Magoroku Shido

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Suggested by Sonic Death Ruler Gallows is a monster who is a little stronger than he looks. He typically stays in his chibi form and cracks a lot of jokes so it’s easy to forget that his true form is the legendary Death Ruler. Of course, Shido owns him and many, many other cards so it’ll be impossible for him to make an upset. He simply isn’t equipped to deal with a whole onslaught of enemies on his own, they’ll just be too much for him. Magoroku Shido wins.

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Silver Dragon Adelaide vs Magoroku Shido

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Suggested by Sonic Silver Dragon Adelaide is back, but he is up against Shido now. Shido has actually been doing pretty well for himself thus far. He continues bulking up his wins with this round as Adelaide cannot stop him. For one thing, Shido has his own Adelaide along with a flurry of other monsters. Shido has an infamously large amount of monsters since he is always switching decks and his army cannot be stopped. Shido wins.

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Magoroku Shido vs Yuya

Magoroku Shido is back, but he won’t be able to stop Yuya. While Shido has done his best to try and be an intimidating character, I can safely say that Yuya is already a whole lot more intense. His character really picked up during the second half of the first season and has continued on into the 2nd. Shido has a lot of cards, but Yuya’s pack significantly more punch behind them. There’s no getting around his fusion and pendulum monsters. Yuya wins.

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Magoroku Shido vs Noboru Kodo

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Suggested by Sonic This is a match with an outcome that you wouldn’t really suspect. Magoroku Shido has lost many duels over and over again in the series and has never shown that he has the same level of skill as Noboru and the others. That being said, the losses worked to his advantage as he has obtained many decks over the seasons to the point where he easily outranks Noboru’s. Noboru has no game changing card like Gao with his best card being the weakest Impact Monster in the series. Shido doesn’t have too many great card either but he has several members from the 100 Demons and his ice type monster also isn’t bad. His array of monsters is just better than Noboru’s and that’ll make up for the difference in human skill. Who’d have thought that his terrible record in the show would actually help him in the end. Magoroku Shido wins.