Ururu vs Utakata

Suggested by Sonic Ururu had a pretty impressive showing in Bleach when she dealt some damage to one of the Arrancars. She may not have gotten a whole lot of screen time over the years but we know she can fight. Then you have Utakata who didn’t do a lot in the Naruto manga but the anime gave him some more screentime. In his tailed form I dare say that he would be able to keep up with Ururu and his destructive power is definitely a lot higher which certainly helps his case here. Ururu would need another ability to keep up. Utakata wins.

Ururu vs Ichigo

Ichigo is back and this time he’s up against Ururu who makes her debut in this match! She’s definitely outranked as far as speed and power goes, but she’s still a tough fighter. She’s just not exactly on par with someone as powerful as Ichigo. Ichigo could wipe out whole planets with his power. Ichigo wins.