Sagittarius Aiolos vs Astaroth

Aiolos is one of those characters I didn’t really know much about until watching Saint Seiya. I feel like his role was so minor in the manga since he dies before the events actually start that it was hard for him to leave an impact. In the show it really sunk in though and the mobile game really made him look good. Aiolos is now one of my favorite characters in the series, second only to Ikki. His power is also out of this world as he took on 3 gold saints so one shot would eliminate Astaroth. Sagittarius Aiolos wins.

Astaroth vs Feanor

Suggested by iKnowledge This is a pretty close fight. Feanor has fought off some pretty powerful opponents back in his day although we haven’t really seen a whole lot of what he can do. Astaroth has gotten a lot of screen time. While his raw power is nothing to write home about, what gives him a fighting chance here is his Soul Edge blade. With the completed one at the ready I’d give him the edge here. Feanor won’t be surviving many hits against a weapon like that and the range will work to Astaroth’s favor. Astaroth wins.