Sagittarius Aiolos vs Double

Double is a tough Megaman fighter and definitely not someone you want to underestimate. He’s fairly fast and strong with a good amount of variety in his attacks. It just won’t be enough though. Aiolos is a whole lot faster and also has more combat experience. He won’t fall for any tricks that Double may try to pull off and he is durable enough where even if a trick would work, it wouldn’t deal any damage. Aiolos is incredibly durable and could take hits from Double for a long time and not feel a thing. Sagittarius Aiolos wins.

Sagittarius Aiolos vs Colress

Colress is a pretty impressive villain when it comes to his cunning nature. You just got to give the guy his credit, he gets the job done. Still, that’s not going to be enough to take down Aiolos. One thing about Gold Saints is that you need to match their power with more power. Wit is just not going to be enough to do much of anything against a fighter like this. Colress could throw the entire Pokemon kingdom at Aiolos and it wouldn’t do a lick of good. Sagittarius Aiolos wins.

Sagittarius Aiolos vs Astaroth

Aiolos is one of those characters I didn’t really know much about until watching Saint Seiya. I feel like his role was so minor in the manga since he dies before the events actually start that it was hard for him to leave an impact. In the show it really sunk in though and the mobile game really made him look good. Aiolos is now one of my favorite characters in the series, second only to Ikki. His power is also out of this world as he took on 3 gold saints so one shot would eliminate Astaroth. Sagittarius Aiolos wins.

Sagittarius Aiolos vs Bass

Sagittarius Aiolos is very powerful, but he’s definitely out of his league in this round. Bass has his Darkness Overload attack which could end the planet in an instant. Not to mention that Bass also possesses incredible speed that can’t be matched. Sagittarius Aiolos takes a quick loss in this battle. Bass wins.

Sagittarius Aiolos vs Zelda


Zelda has her Light Arrows at the ready, but Sagittarius Aiolos can fire Light Darts that would cancel them out. Zelda’s a pretty powerful magician, but her magical attacks wouldn’t be able to take Sagittarius Aiolos down for the count. His durability is too high and he’s very quick. Zelda wouldn’t be landing many hits on him. Sagittarius Aiolos wins.