Masataka Takayanagi vs Ayane

Suggested by iKnowledge Ayane is a skilled ninja who has been around for quite a while. She’s faced off against all kinds of enemies. Her best chance to win this match would be to poison Masataka early on but that will still be difficult to accomplish here. He is very quick and his wind based chi attacks could also deflect the weapons. His whole gimmick is that he is very good at dodging and deflecting weapons. That won’t change here which puts Ayane at quite the disadvantage. Masataka Takayanagi wins.

Bullseye vs Ayane

Suggested by iKnowledge This is a pretty tricky fight since both Bullseye and Ayane are capable hand to hand fighters. I would ultimately give Ayane the edge in that arena, but Bullseye’s mastery of every weapon will give him the edge. His skeleton is enhanced so it’ll be more difficult for Ayane to put him down and all he needs is potentially one good hit to knock her off her rhythm. It’s a fight that could go either way, but I believe he would win more often than not. Bullseye wins.

Lady Shiva vs Ayane

Suggested by iKnowledge Lady Shiva is known as one of the greatest hand to hand fighters of all time. It’s easy to see why as she has even defeated Batman in a formal fight. Ayane won’t be winning through pure skill here, but she has a significant advantage in speed as well as raw power. Shiva simply won’t be able to endure her attacks for very long and keeping up with Ayane will be impossible. Ayane simply has too many skills to lose here. Ayane wins.