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Dr Psyche vs Benji

Suggested by Anonymous Benji is a nice kid, but he is incredibly outmatched against Dr Psyche. Dr Psyche may not have been the most combat focused maverick in Command Mission, but the guy still did have a powerful super form which took a few of the heroes to take down. Additionally his lasers would take Benji and his Pokemon down in the blink of an eye. There’s no escape here but maybe one day Benji will reappear with a Mewtwo or something. Dr Psyche wins.

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Ash vs Benji

Benji is part of the mountain patrol so he’s ready for just about any dangerous situation. Unfortunately, he’s never had to battle someone as powerful as Ash. In a one on one fight, Ash’s Pikachu would quickly take down Benji’s Ledian. Benji’s not quite as experienced as Ash Ketchum is. Ash wins.