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Dr Psyche vs Benji

Suggested by Anonymous Benji is a nice kid, but he is incredibly outmatched against Dr Psyche. Dr Psyche may not have been the most combat focused maverick in Command Mission, but the guy still did have a powerful super form which took a few of the heroes to take down. Additionally his lasers would take Benji and his Pokemon down in the blink of an eye. There’s no escape here but maybe one day Benji will reappear with a Mewtwo or something. Dr Psyche wins.

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Dr Psyche vs Megaman X

Megaman X is a seasoned pro and he can take down many opponents with ease. Dr Psyche can fight to an extent, but he is more of a researcher at heart so his abilities are limited. Megaman X can speedblitz him all day and his attack power is definitely a lot higher than Dr Psyche’s. Dr Psyche will have to take this loss with honor and hope that he gets another shot someday. Megaman X wins.

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Tigershark vs Dr Psyche

Tiger Shark is back after all this time. Of course with his super strength he can defeat many opponents. Sadly for him Dr Psyche isn’t one of them. His skills are far beyond Tiger Shark’s and could defeat him pretty easily. He wasn’t one of the high ranked Megaman X villains for nothing. Dr Psyche wins.